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Bee Bee's Liquor & Wine Shoppe Carries A Wide Selection Of Fine Handmade Cigars!

Handmade Cigar: The cigar is completely made by hand using the premium long tobacco leaves.

The best handmade cigars are imported from places such as the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, & Jamaica.

Creating a cigar is like creating a fine wine or whiskey. Different leaves or blends used in the creation of the cigar as well as the aging process are what allow the cigar to reach its full flavor potential.

Cigars Are Created From Multiple Layers:

Filler - Made up of a mixture of leaves folded accordian style. The density of the folds is what determines how easily the smoke can pass through the cigar. Typically three types of leaves are used from the tobacco plant in the filler.

1. Ligero leaves known for their robust flavor. It takes 3 years for the leaves to mature enough to be used in a premium cigar. The leaves are cultivated from the top of the tobacco plant.

2. Seco Leaves refer to the dry leaves that grow from the middle of the tobacco plant, the seco leaves are not as flavorful as the legero leaf but offer the cigar a more refined flavor.

3. Volado leaves are from the lower portion of the plant they are used in the cigar to help the cigar burn more smooth and evenly.

The filler is made up of the longest tobacco leaves to allow for a longer smoother burn.

Binder: The binder is what is used to hold the pleated leaves together. The binder does not have any considerable flavor although it is necessary to keep the cigar strength as well as to ensure it burns evenly from start to finish. Most quality binder leaves are grown in Mexico.

Wrapper: The wrapper leaf of the cigar is known to be the prize leaf of the cigar. The wrapper gives the cigar a large amount of its flavor & distinct character. The wrapper leaves are grown in Mexico, Cameroon, Sumatra, Costa Rica & Honduras. The leaves are grown in the shade to limit oiliness. The choice leaves should be very pliable for rolling & will have no protruding veins to hamper the burning process.

Bee Bee's cigars are quality handmade premium cigars, come & browse our extensive collection today!

Bee Bee's collection of cigars includes:

Romeo Y Julieta

Cedro deluxe #1 Cedro Deluxe #2 Reserva Real Porto Heal Exhibicion #1
Deluxe #1 Deluxe #2 Julieta 10  

Casa de Garcia

Sumatra Churchil Sumatra Churchill

Artura Fuente

Curly Head Deluxe Brevas Royales


25 Portofino Cafe Crystal Cafe Court Cafe
Caviar Cafe # 8 Exquisite Cigars  

Cuban Exile

Toro Torpedo Churchill

Makers Mark

Royal Butera Vintage - Dorado 652


Machine Made Cigars: Machine made cigars are similar to cigarettes, they do not require any humidification. Machine made cigars do not use the long tobacco leaves that are used in the handmade cigars, this causes the machine made cigar to burn a lot more quickly.

Bee Bee's Machine Made cigars

Clove Gingers

American Spirit

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