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Bee Bee's Fine Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon
Full-bodied, but firm & gripping when young. Age enhances the rich currant qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Bell pepper notes remain. Vanilla notes if present come not from the fruit but from the oak treatment.
Food-Wine Pairing
Best with simply prepaired red meat.

Ice Wine
Icewine is a luscious, intensly flavored wine, boasting rich aromas and flavors of ripe tropical fruits (such as lychee, papaya & pineapple. All varieties are sweet with a firm backbone of acidity. Ice wine is considered a perfectly balanced wine. Ice wine is a desert wine & should be served chilled.
Food-Wine Pairing
Pair ice wine with a variety of desert.

Pinot Noir
Delicate yet fresh structure. The tannins are very soft: this is related to the low levels of polyphenols (antioxidants). The aromatics are very fruity, often emitting soft tones of cherry, strawberry & plum along with notes of tea-leaf, damp earth or worn leather. Pinot Noir is very transparent to the place where it is grown. The staggering range Pinot Noir wines produced make it pointless to define which personality is the best expression of the variety.
Food-Wine Pairing
Pinot Noir is excellent with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb & Japanese dishes.

Port is Typically a sweet red wine, however there are white ports but they are by far less popular than the red. Port is often served as a desert wine though it also comes in dry, semi-dry selections as well. It is ussually served as a before or after dinner drink.
Food-Wine Pairing
Its rich fruity flavor makes it an ideal choice to pair with sweet deserts, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate & other sweet foods.

Malbec is characterized by its deeply hued purple color,often described as inky red. The flavors of Malbecs tend to be very lush & full of ripe juicy berries & purple fruits, such as plums. Malbecs often offer herbal, licorice / anise, or purple floral notes such as violets. Malbecs are generally bold & earthy with an intense, full bodied mouth feel.
Food-Wine Pairing
Malbec is a food friendly wine, which is easy to pair & match with foods. Perfect with grilled meats. Due to its rich textures and spicey personality, match Malbec with not only beef, but veal, chicken, pork, sausage, braised or stewed dishes.

Red Zinfandel
Zinfandel is a very deep red, mouth-filling wine with a spicy, peppery taste with hints of fruity berries. Though it is most commonly enjoyed young, within 1 to 2 years of its vintage, Zinfandel has a pleasant, mellower taste when aged.
Food-Wine Pairing
Zinfandel is a chewy wine whose zest stands up to hearty pasta dishes with thick tomato sauces. Zinfandel also pairs well with traditional American foods hamburgers & pizza.

Shiraz wines are both hearty & spicy. Shiraz has aromas & flavors of wild black fruit such as black currants, with overtones of black pepper spice & roasting meat. The abundance of fruit sensations are often complemented by warm alcohol & gripping tannins. Toffee notes if present come from the oak barrels the wine has rested in. The Shiraz grape variety is used to produce some of the worlds finest deep dark red wines with very intense flavors & excellent longevity. There are however a large variety of Shiraz wines, one is sure to suit any budget!
Food-Wine Pairing
Shiraz is best served with meats such as steak, beef, wild game, stews and more.

Merlot is a wine with typical black cherry and herbal flavor. The texture is round but a middle palate gap is common.
Food-Wine Pairing
Merlot can be seved with a variety of meals..